What’s “Bags Not” all about? We all know that single-use plastic bags are bad news. So here’s a way we can all get together and get rid of them. Just say “Bags Not” the next time you’re offered one at the shops. It’s that easy.

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No petitions, no protest marches, nothing like that. Just say “Bags Not” when you’re offered a single-use plastic bag.

It’s simple. Can we count you in?

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Always on the go? Keep a reusable bag with you, in your handbag or glovebox.

It makes saying “Bags Not” much easier!

Always on the go? Keeping a re-usable bag with you, in your handbag or glovebox.

It makes saying ‘Bags Not’ much easier!

“I wouldn’t do this.”

“So why do this?”


“We use so many plastic bags. It’s not a pretty picture. So come on Kiwis, let’s all say “Bags Not” to single-use plastic bags at the checkout.”

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“Sharks don’t scare me. But these things do. Join me and say “Bags Not” to single-use plastic bags and let’s get rid of them from our beautiful country.”

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Great to see our partners getting their hands dirty. The team from New World Remuera joined Seacleaners on the water to help make a difference!

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“I’m ready to take a swing at single-use plastic bags, but this is one fight I can’t win alone. Help me by saying “Bags Not” to them too.”

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“Plastic bags are rubbish for the environment. That’s why I’m saying “Bags Not” to single-use plastic bags. You can too, so join me.”

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Are you passionate about doing your bit to tidy up our beaches and waterways?

So is Sustainable Coastlines.

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