About Bags Not

When advertising specialists bcg2 (Blackwood Communications Group) met sustainability champion Nick Morrison from Go Well Consulting, they were inspired. So much so, the agency committed to not just talking about the problem of plastics pollution, but doing something tangible about it.

Enlisting the support of Kiwis and New Zealand businesses already doing the right thing, they’ve focused their skills and passion to come up with an initiative they believe every Kiwi can get behind and support. “Bags Not”.

Our Mission

We want you to join us and save the planet.
One plastic bag at a time.

Our Values


We’re not here to judge, we’re here to help.


Together we can fix this. Let’s get started.


We love to share ideas, information and innovations that help solve the problem.


We’re all on this waka together, we have to do this.


The time is now. There is an explosion of positive change happening in communities and businesses around New Zealand to get rid of single-use plastic bags.
We hope to give this movement real momentum. We’re here to help with practical, simple solutions that make it easy for anyone to join in and say “Bags Not”.
Single-use plastic bags are the poster child for harmful plastics. But why stop there? Imagine living in a waste-free New Zealand! It’s a big goal, but we believe it’s possible with your help.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success starts with you. It’s when you simply say “Bags Not” the next time you’re offered another plastic bag at the shops. And when more and more of us do the same thing, we break an old bad habit. Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier environment for us all to share.

What does “Bags Not” mean?

“Bags Not” is a uniquely Kiwi term. It’s said when someone wants to get out of doing something – usually a chore that’s not much fun, like doing the dishes or taking the rubbish to the gate. If you yell out “Bags Not” before anyone else, you could avoid getting chosen for the task. There’s also a gesture that’s sometimes used at the same time where a person puts their thumb to their forehead.

We just want you to say “Bags Not” at the shops to get out of an old habit of using single-use plastic bags. They’re bad for the environment and there are loads of smarter alternatives.

Our Partners who are saying “Bags Not”

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