Aaron Jones is the founder of Zerobag™ and an all-round good human. We caught up for a chat about the latest awesome project he’s working on to help save the world from single-use plastics.

“We’re really excited to be teaming up with the Pacific Island Games to be held in Samoa in July.”

“This is the first time ever that the games have planned to be totally free of single-use plastics. We’re donating 6,000 Zerobags, so it’s pretty huge for us!”

The bags will be given out to athletes and other attendees from the 22 countries competing.

The partnership has a mutual benefit – the bags had failed the company’s quality control process due to a minor construction flaw in the pocket length, so by accepting the donation, the Pacific Games organisers have helped Zerobag maintain their Zero waste policy in house and the games is a step closer to being the first ever plastic-free event. 

Kerry Logistics have also kindly offered to join the cause, freighting the bags free of charge to Samoa for the event. The Environmental Minister in Samoa is arranging for goods to be received for the event free of any taxes or duty, so this can be a full charitable donation at no cost to anyone.

The Pacific Islands have a big goal to be less reliant on single-use plastic. The organisers of the Pacific Games have been bold in their vision to go plastic-free for the first time ever, and they are installing a whole range of initiatives to achieve this.

As Aaron points out, “All of their ideas are really simple, interesting and admirable. Many other events could learn from this what these guys are doing.” 

“We’re thrilled to able to provide their plastic single-use bag alternative with Zerobag.” 

If you haven’t discovered Zerobags yet, you’re missing out! We reckon they’re a great part of your reusable bag arsenal. The clever little bag folds away into itself and is the size of a mobile phone – perfect for throwing in your pocket. They’re extra strong, so they’re ideal for those heavier loads. In fact, you’re more limited by what you can physically carry than what the bag can handle.

The original Zerobag is made from upcycled parachutes and the Zerobag 2.0 is constructed with certified 100% rPET fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

Grab yours here!