In 2002 Georgina was divinely inspired with the idea that we could design and develop a range of plastic mats like the ones used in her Samoan culture and in developing nations the world over. We decided that this was an opportunity to pursue and we are still making mats to her original designs 17 years later. In fact we have now recycled over 50,000Kg of polypropylene into our beautiful mats that are loved by so many both here and abroad. We were the first to design mats with culturally significant motif coupled with the ethos of ethical manufacturing practice while using recycled materials. 

When I speak to customers they are often surprised to learn that our Pacific Fusion NZ mats are made from recycled yoghurt containers and such like. If we equate the recycled plastic in our mats to the unit of a 1Kg yoghurt container (we all know what that looks and feels like!) we have recycled over 1.1 million of them into a product that is both practical and gorgeous.

I have been congratulated countless times for our vision but I think it is just a sensible solution and after 15 years trading am glad to see that many other firms are getting on board with the idea.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the supple comfort of our mats – head over to to order one (or more!) online.

Warmest regards

Steve and Georgina Warren, Pacific Fusion NZ Ltd.