Are you passionate about doing your bit to tidy up our beaches and waterways? Do you work with a group of people who might want to help out as well? Then the team at Sustainable Coastlines have some great workshops to help you get started.

Sustainable Coastlines is a registered charity who help organise large-scale community and corporate clean ups of New Zealand’s beaches and waterways. They work with caring companies, small and large, to coordinate team-building events where you and your colleagues can get stuck in and run your own clean up.

Workplace clean up events are a great way to bring the team together, identify potential leaders and educate staff in a fun way that helps our environment. Having worked with caring Kiwi companies like Air New Zealand, Meridian and Samsung to organise clean ups in the past, the good folks at Sustainable Coastlines have a range of different options to help you put together an event for your workplace.

The experienced team offer presentations to staff to help them understand the work they’ll be doing and how to be safe during a clean up. To get your workmates involved and to find out more, visit: