Take a bow folks, pat yourselves on the back, maybe even high five your neighbour. Thanks to the efforts and energy of thousands of Kiwis like you, the NZ Government has done the right thing and made a stand against single-use plastic bags. It’s great news and we all deserve to celebrate.

But don’t forget, when we all get over our plastic bag ban celebratory hangovers, there’s still plenty to do.

Next up, there’s a consultation process to decide exactly what shape, size, thickness and style of plastic bags will be banned and when. Get involved and have your say here.

You’ve just proven what a difference you can make, this is a real step forward. Keep checking in with us to find out how you can continue to say “Bags Not” to all the other unnecessary plastics in your life.

This is a great start, but it’s just the beginning. With momentum on our side, let’s move full steam ahead towards a New Zealand that’s free from all single-use plastics!