Check out this great NZ company doing their bit to help make your family plastic wrap-free: LilyBee

The founders of LilyBee felt like they were drowning in plastic. They were right. In 2013 alone, 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging was produced worldwide. 40% of it was landfilled and another 32% escaped into the environment, polluting the land and sea. 268,940 tons are estimated to be choking Earth’s oceans.

This is a global problem, which means it’s an issue here in our country too. According to, projections show that with current population growth, the annual amount of waste sent to landfills will almost double within 10 years in Auckland alone.

So they set out on a mission to make their family plastic wrap-free. After lots of trial and error to get their formula right, they came up with a recipe for a natural wrap that uses local beeswax, tree resin and organic coconut oil infused into 100% cotton.

Now thousands of families around New Zealand have followed their lead and are using their LilyBee Wrap. People have discovered how well the wraps keep food fresh, how pretty they are, how good they smell and how good it feels to be a plastic wrap-free household!