New Zealand’s excellent new Soft Plastics Recycling programme is doing a brilliant job. Last year, Kiwis disposed of 100 tonnes of single-use plastic bags and other soft plastic wrapping at participating supermarkets and retail stores around the country. Awesome!

Where can plastic bags be recycled?

In truth though, less than 1% of our soft plastics are being recycled. The rest is still heading to the landfills, or escaping into the environment. Not good.

If you’ve been doing the “Bags Not” 7-Day Challenge and learning how easy it is to live life free of plastic bags, you’re well on your way to becoming plastic bag-free. Keep up the good work.

And if you want to become even more plastic-free, there are plenty of great businesses who can help.

Auckland shoppers might already know about GoodFor, the plastic-free whole foods store in Ponsonby and Parnell. They ship nationwide with free packaging and delivery on orders over $100.

For shopping online there’s Package Free Shop, a store that sells bathroom and cleaning products unpackaged and free from waste. There’s also Life Without Plastic which sells a range of plastic-free drinkware and home decor products.

Every little change makes a big difference, so give these guys a go and give yourself a pat on the back for becoming a plastic-free me.